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An Important Martial Arts Teaching Tip

By Kovar Systems

This is one of the most important martial arts teaching tips to remember because it creates a rapport with your students that will generate loyalty and the desire to continue training with you for years to come.

The 3x3 Rule is simple:

  • Use each student’s name at least three times every day.

  • Make appropriate physical contact three times (high fives and handshakes).

  • Make eye contact three times. Look your students in the eye when you tell them they’re awesome or that you’re glad to see them. Your message will be much more powerful and sincere.

When you use the 3x3 Rule, it lets your students know you're happy that they are there training with you. They will feel that personal connection that encourages them to keep training and understand they’re not just another body on the mat.

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by Kovar Systems